August 03

Heal Your Gut; Nourish Your Spirit, with Eminé and Eve Kalinik

Join leading functional nutritional therapist Eve Kalinik, and Balance Plan founder, and Health + Wellness Director of PSYCHOLOGIES, for a fun, honest and interactive evening.

Come and learn all about the practical ways in which you can boost your gut’s health and the incredible benefits on body, mind and spirit, of a thriving inner ecosystem.

Conway Hall, London


November 14

Green for all Seasons: Clean Beauty

Green for all Seasons editor and founder will be sitting down with Psychologies wellness director & the Balance Plan founder Emine Rushton, Content Beauty founder Imelda Burke, founder of Edition perfumes Timothy Han, the girls from Clean Co and green beauty makeup artist Louisa Dartford to help detoxify your cosmetics and make more informed natural decisions.

At Soho House, London