Predominantly Kapha Types Are . . .

. . . well built and strong. ‘Big boned’ often describes the Kapha type. Your body is beautifully nourished and this also shows in your skin, hair and nails, which tend to be smooth, shiny and glossy. Your appetite is steady – you like to enjoy larger meals, but your metabolism can be slow.

You enjoy sleep. Like a cat curled up by the fire, you like to take your time, and often feel you need time to be still, rest and do nothing (the opposite of Vata types, who feel they must always be busy, occupied and mobile). You like your creature comforts, and you are a wonderfully loyal, trustworthy, calm and steady individual, so you make a wonderful parent. Many of the most successful people within our society are Kapha types – their unerring compassion and quiet confidence make them do well.

You have great stamina and, when you push yourself, you are often surprised by what you can achieve. Naturally, you tend toward low-impact exercise, like walking. Food-wise, Kapha types have very strong cravings for sweet and fatty foods, which hinders their metabolism further and can make weight gain inevitable. Kapha types are most likely to suffer diet-related disorders such as diabetes and obesity, but are also prone to allergies and asthma. Kapha types need energizing and drying foods that will elevate digestion and kickstart metabolism. You need to eat more of the BITTER, PUNGENT and ASTRINGENT tastes.

To balance Kapha mentally, physically and spiritually, you need to address your lifestyle too – read more here.