Predominantly Pitta types are . . .

. . . quite easy to spot. You’re the driven types who can stand up in front of others and speak very assertively and charismatically – getting to the point quickly. You have a real fire in your belly, which, on the positive side, makes you a high achiever, a strong leader and successful in business. When imbalanced, though, you can be angry, aggressive, intolerant and insensitive to others.

Pitta types can think the world revolves around them and need reminding that others have feelings too. Your appetite for everything – food, sex, sleep – is high. You live a full life, but also need to recoup that energy at night, with a solid seven hours (more and you’ll feel sluggish and ‘off’). Heat aggravates Pitta – you need cooling down, not heating up – so you can get very irritable and flustered in summer, prone to sweating copiously, and also producing strong sharp body odour (particularly when nervous). Pitta types do better in cooler climes.

You’ve got good strong digestion but, if imbalanced, you are prone to diarrhoea (you also produce more urine and sweat than other dosha types). When digestion is out of sync, heartburn, reflux and painful indigestion are all common. To balance Pitta, you need to eat more BITTER, ASTRINGENT and SWEET tastes.

To balance Pitta mentally, physically and spiritually, you need to address your lifestyle too – read more here.