Predominantly Vata types are . . .

. . . naturally slender – these types find it hard to gain weight and can lose weight very easily through stress, illness and worry. You’re drawn to creative and spiritual pursuits – many yoga teachers, singers and dancers are Vata types. You’re naturally generous, kind and sensitive, and can also be intuitive, but when imbalanced you’re nervy and fidgety; you often find it hard to sit still and must always keep yourself occupied.

You are a fast talker – you’ve probably been called a chatterbox more than once. The restlessness within you drives your creative endeavours; you want to try to experience as much as you can, and are very enthusiastic about life. Vata can also make you prone to constipation, or the opposite, loose bowels. You are not a deep sleeper and tend to have vivid dreams, but slip in and out of sleep, and feel just fine on as little as five or six hours a night. You can be drawn to high-impact sport, but will find that soothing meditative sports are better for you – yoga is ideal, though not the more active power forms. You really do feel the cold and suffer with poor circulation. You always dream of being on a hot beach somewhere, and are continually craving warmth, which nurtures and balances your body. You can suffer with weak nails, dry skin and coarse, brittle hair. You don’t sweat a lot. Bone and back problems plague this dosha type. You’re a fast learner but can also forget just as quickly, and though you’re very driven toward new adventures and experiences you can have weak willpower. The focus for balancing Vata types must be on foods that warm, soothe, calm, hydrate and nourish. To balance Vata, you need to eat more of the SWEET, SALTY and SOUR TASTES.

To balance Vata mentally, physically and spiritually, you need to address your lifestyle too – read more here.