Our Story


Welcome, welcome, to the Balance Plan. We are Eminé and Paul Rushton, husband and wife, and soulmates of 17 years. We live in the Kentish countryside with two rambunctious, dramatic and loving children and a sweet-natured and shy rabbit called Pip. Our home and way of life is very modest – we own a small cottage with a postal stamp-sized back garden, overgrown front green, and productive local allotment plot. I work part-time as the Wellbeing Director-at-Large for my favourite magazine, Psychologies, and run a little consultancy for organic, natural & ethical brands, LEAF. Paul is a food, travel & nature writer, a cook, and a keen allotmenter. Modern life puts a huge strain on us all – overwork, lack of sleep, unending to-do lists – and balance is the first thing to go out of the window. Most of us are not in a position to 'chuck it all in' and head for the Himalayas. We have to stay put – in tough, real, modern life – and stick it out. But a good life can't JUST be about sticking it out. We need the belly laughs, the glittering eyes, the flutter of intense excitement, the pang of appreciation you get when you see something truly, impossibly, naturally beautiful (peonies and cabbage roses get me every time). We crave nature – green, fresh, light, vibrant, salubrious. Because we need it. It resets our bodies (without daylight and twilight, it's very difficult to sustain healthy sleeping patterns), it uplifts our spirits, it eases our minds. We are made to thrive on the very things that mother nature produces for us when we need them most – hydrating fruits and veg in summer, sweet, starchy root veg in autumn and winter, zingy and vital shoots and leaves in spring... but beyond the food on our plates and light-filled spaces within our homes, we also need spiritual lightness, emotional levity and psychological brightness. Paring our lives back – to their most lovely and basic simplicities, from back-yard fires to candle-lit suppers, has taken us back to that primal happy place... that sweet spot that houses the wonder of childhood, and the flickering warmth of real kinship. We, quite simply, try to keep life as simple as we can. Our motto at the Balance Plan is #balancedbynature, and our interest in Ayurveda underscores our love of natural living – something we've both always been passionate about, and have brought into our life in more and more ways over the last 20 years. It's not all roses, but it is all underpinned by these pleasurable beliefs – that cheap can be rich; simple is often delightful; and natural can offer up the most powerful, plentiful and bountiful treasures of all – if we can just learn to pay attention. Where attention goes, energy flows...

Eminé & Paul Rushton, founders, The Balance Plan

The Editors

Eminé Rushton, Co-founder & Editor

Currently Wellbeing Director at thinking woman’s monthly, Psychologies, Eminé has spent 13 years in the industry, championing little brands, natural gems, and alternative health. Determined to live as balanced a life as possible (in the midst of a very busy home and career), Eminé is also a trained holistic facialist and a consultant for some of the UK’s leading wellness brands. She is passionate about bringing seasonal, natural and holistic living (including the holistic science of Ayurveda) to a wider audience.

Paul Rushton, Co-founder & Food Editor

#MrRushtonMadeIt began as a playful hashtag for the Balance Plan, but there’s truth beneath the humour. We estimate that Paul spends 30% of his life in the kitchen, preparing, not just his daughters’ breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks & our daily sourdough but also the fresh Modern Ayurvedic recipes which have become tBP signature. Outside of the kitchen & nipper nurture he is a freelance travel, food, family & nature writer & contributor at Psychologies Magazine & Spa.Kitchen, a wanderer of farmer’s markets, tender of the allotment & the herb garden. Extensive eco-travel In places like the glacial channels of Patagonia & the Peruvian Amazon have informed his understanding both of the global & the local & a cumulative year spent in India opened his eyes both to yogic & Vedic practice & intuitive and intelligent spicing – food that is both tantalising and medicinal – and bolstered his love of dedicated and neglected process: seasonal, culinary and human. Inspired by this, his recipes celebrate the power and potency of spice & the humility in a thoughtful, sincere offering.

The Columnists

Selda Enver Goodwin, Columnist, The Mindful

As a yoga, meditation and wellbeing specialist, Selda’s advertising exec days are now a hazy memory. Thirteen years of exploring all realms of yoga has left her in no doubt that a truly personal approach is the most coherent way to access a wakeful mind, balanced body and heart. Travelled, trained and mentored by some of the world’s leading experts, Selda’s primary focus is to guide people towards ‘whole-self’ wellbeing. Through her sincere and grounded teaching principles, she aspires to offer achievable ways to heal and find harmony in today’s life. Her column for the Balance Plan seeks to provide a liveable approach to daily mindfulness and meditation.