The Book

The Balance Plan


Fact: diets don’t work.  We need a new approach.  This easy-to-read book tunes into the clues your body’s giving, making it easy to rebalance your life – Josephine Fairley, author, journalist & co-founder of Green & Black’s

‘If you’re always rushing, stressed, overly busy, tired, overweight, this fool-proof plan will show you how to reclaim balance – for your body and mind – with comprehensive dietary advice, and delicious seasonal recipes that bring Ayurveda, and all of its healing power, into the 21st century.’
Ravinder Bhogal author & TV presenter, C4 Series, Food

“Understanding our bodies is such a fundamental part of being healthy and it is something that in modern life we have become entirely disconnected from. Looking for the next new diet fix is so prevalent and yet for most people it simply doesn’t work. Long-term, significant changes have to reset habits, and combine with a balanced and sustainable outlook. Moreover good nutrition has to be individualistic. The Body Balance Diet Plan is a perfect adaptation of all of these principles – giving you guidelines to follow according to your type but similarly recognising that it’s not about being perfect all the time, shaking off the stereotypes of evangelical nutrition and instead having a healthy, modern and realistic approach to eating wholesome and beautiful foods, that reconnect body & mind.”
Eve Kalinik – Nutritional Therapist

The Body Balance Diet Plan provides a truly liveable and practical system of daily support to those who feel their lives are in desperate need of balance.

Ayurveda is the 5000-year-old science of life and it believes that Food is Medicine. Ayurveda tells us that we each have a unique body type (our dosha) and that eating to support this dosha will transform our bodies and minds. The Body Balance Diet Plan optimises digestive health, boosts immunity, banishes cravings, tunes you into the seasons, and boosts mental positivity – this is Ayurvedic wisdom, decoded for the 21st century (when we need it more than ever!).

The antidote to crash and yo-yo diets, this book presents a painless and positive way to eat healthily, for life. With clear chapters, Eminé Ali Rushton pinpoints why it is that modern life takes such a toll on our health, and talks honestly and realistically about how to transform our wellbeing, without pain, guilt or deprivation. With an extensive dosha-specific food table of over 500 foods, beverages, herbs and spices, you can cross-check the foods you should be eating for your specific body type, to ensure your system stays balanced and happy all year round.