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Chakras & Crystals

Within our energy bodies there are energy channels through which life force is distributed around our bodies. Located along the central energy channel, we have seven primary energy centres, that are responsible for processing energy in different areas of our lives. These energy centres are called chakras. When we have an energy blockage or an energy loss, it is often reflected in the functioning of our chakras. As we address the root cause of an energy imbalance, crystals can be used to attune our chakras to restore a healthy distribution and flow of energy. Many crystals have an affinity with a particular chakra and energy body. Very generally speaking, we can choose a crystal for a chakra based on its colour, properties and our intuitive discernment of what might be right for us.

• Your root chakra (grey/black/brown/red crystals) grounds you physically and processes your survival and security. (Earth element)

• Your sacral chakra (orange crystals) processes your experiences of sensuality, sexuality, creativity and the emotions. (Water element)

• Your solar plexus chakra (yellow crystals) processes your sense of personal will, taking action and exerting your power in the world. (Fire element)

• Your heart chakra (green and pink crystals) processes your experience of compassion and love. It is also the gateway to the soul. (Air element)

• Your throat chakra (blue crystals) processes the dimensions of frequency, vibration, communication, and your ability to speak your truth. (Water element)

• Your third eye chakra (indigo/purple crystals) processes your ability to perceive and discern between possibilities in the quantum field, otherwise known as psychic seeing or divination. (Air element)

• Your crown chakra (clear/white crystals) connects you to the divine, and processes the power of your conscious awareness and your receptivity to transcendental experiences of awakening. (Air element)

Extracted from The Crystal Compass by Aisha Amarfio. Aisha is a shamanic therapist and author who lives in London. Shamanism is concerned with restoring wholeness, harmony and balance, working in communion with spirit and nature.  It is an ancient form of energy medicine and addresses the spiritual or energetic root causes of imbalance. Aisha helps people overcome chronic issues and rediscover their innate capacity for healing, transformation, and inspired creativity from the heart.