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A New Moon Ritual

I am sharing this beautiful, long extract from one of my favourite books of recent years – The Inner Beauty Bible by sweet soul, Laurey Simmons. All of these images (each one makes my spirit SING!) were taken by photographer, Nassima Rothacker (I can feel her work a mile off – nobody does it better). Laurey is the founder of The Colourful Dot – a beautiful space of shared wisdom and crystal love. All of my most precious stones have been sourced by Laurey’s hands, and each time I meditate with them, it’s wonderful to feel that connection with their ‘finder’, who wrapped them so delicately and sent them to the little cottage in Kent, where they now inhabit every ledge & nook, shrine & bedside.

I really hope you enjoy the extract. I have had a really challenging few days in the lead-up to this new moon, and today, I have found time to sit, reflect and work through the things I have spent a lot of this year struggling with. Most of my tension arises from the things I long to do with my life, and, on the other side, the things I find that I have to do, in order to support our family of four. There is a huge amount of overlap (and for that I am so hugely thankful), but not always as much as I would want – and as I move more deeply toward a more spiritual path in life, there is inevitable friction between our pragmatic minds and our wide-open, hungering hearts.
More on this anon….

With new moon love, Eminé x

The New Moon is the day each month when the Moon is not visible from the Earth. This day has been celebrated in many different and beautiful ways around the world, but the common thread is that the Moon is full of promise and potential for growth as she begins her monthly journey from darkness to light. This is a perfect time for fresh starts, for setting intentions and manifesting. There is a beautiful and growing international tradition of women gathering together on the New Moon each month. As this is a time for manifesting, it’s a perfect opportunity to gather your girlfriends together, to check in and share with each other on a deeper heart- level, and to support each other in your hopes and dreams.

In today’s busy and fast-paced world it can be all too easy for our friendships to reduce to instant messages and social media interactions which rarely feel deep and meaningful. I know for myself even phone conversations I have can often feel squeezed into short time-frames as one person is going out of signal
or the other just arriving at their gym class. These short bursts of interaction, lovely as they are, don’t necessarily give us a safe space to chat about the deeper things that we need to feel supported in. This is why it’s so important for me to create a space where my girlfriends and I can be present and vulnerable with each other. I recently discovered an amazing Harvard study which showed that not having close relationships with other women is as bad for your health as smoking cigarettes! I know it can be difficult to get people together on a monthly basis, but even if you connect in this way every now and again, your heart will feel full and your relationships will feel deeper. I really hope the tools in the following ritual inspire you in gathering your girlfriends together to celebrate and cultivate our goddess energy.

Suggestions for the sacred space
Selenite, Opal, or Larimar stones
Paper and pens
Jasmine or pink lotus essential oil
Flower Petals
Rainbow Moonstone

Create the group
The first step here is to decide who you would like to invite to this special gathering. This doesn’t need to be a big group; if it’s just two or three goddesses together, that’s more than plenty, but you can gather as many as you feel comfortable with. When you have chosen your group, a fun way to organize the event is to set up a closed Facebook group (or WhatsApp group) with those girls. This can be your goddess platform, and you can use social media for a deeper connection, sharing things (inspirational quotes, poems, advice or perhaps something that happened that day, good or bad), and generally supporting each other in the unfolding of your Inner Beauty. As part of the invitation, decide on one Inner Beauty Quality that will be the theme for that month, and invite your girlfriends to bring something relating to it that they might want to share. It’s always a nice touch if your girlies bring their favourite Inner Beauty tools to add to the space.

Prepare a space fit for goddesses
Once you’ve given the room a good energetic cleanse, make the space feel and look beautiful by lighting candles, laying cushions and blankets on the floor in a circle and creating a goddess space in the middle. The goddess spaces I create will usually have crystals such as Selenite (named after ‘Selene’, Greek goddess of the Moon, with a natural moonlike luminosity), Larimar (a beautiful sky-blue goddess stone found only in the Dominican Republic) and Opal (a goddess stone connected to the element of water and energy of the Moon, bringing calm). I will also add a selection of essential oils (including jasmine and pink lotus oil, which are good for bringing Inner Beauty, love and nurture to goddesses), some flower petals scattered in a circle around the centrepiece, and a plant that sings out goddess energy to you (I like orchids, peace lilies and, of course, roses). I also usually have a big bag of tea lights and I hand out one of these to each girl attending.

Cleanse the group
When you invite your girlfriends into your goddess space, have one of your friends greet the others as they walk across the threshold by cleansing them front and back with some Palo Santo wood or sage. This will help the girls feel that they are entering into a special moment.

Open the circle
Once everyone is sat in a circle, ask them to close their eyes for a moment, palms open, take some deep breaths and bring their attention into their heartspace. Now gently walk around the circle and put one drop of your chosen essential oil into one palm of each of their hands. Have your girlfriends cup their hands over their noses and take a nice deep breath. When they open their eyes, you can now open the circle using sound. You could simply play a beautiful song to open hearts, but if you have any sacred sound instruments such as singing bowls you can use these as well.

Inner light
Whoever is holding the space now lights a candle (ideally, you want a candle- holder with a handle to make this process easier), and passes it to the person next to them so they can light their tea light with it. This carries on around the circle until the person holding the space has the candle back and lights their own tea light. This beautiful but simple part of the ritual signifies the goddess collective making an intention to light up each other’s inner light.

New Moon talk
It can be really nice at this point for you or someone in the group to share the astrological significance of this particular New Moon. One website I really love for this kind of information is Mystic Mamma (

Blessing and Intention
Now is the time for everyone to check in. Ask each person to take some time to write down one way in which they would like to manifest the chosen Inner Beauty Quality in the following month – their ‘Inner Beauty Intention’. For example, if the chosen quality was patience, they might set an intention to practise patience with a person or situation that tends to frustrate them. When everyone is ready, each person can take turns to share one thing they are grateful for from the last month, followed by their ‘Inner Beauty Intention’. After sharing, the pieces of paper can be rolled into scrolls and tied up with a nice piece of ribbon or string and then placed in the plant, as the plant will support the growth of the group’s intentions

Nature Rituals
With the plant filled with all these wonderful Inner Beauty Intentions, ask everyone to close their eyes, and the person holding the space can read something out they want to share: it could be a quote, a poem, a verse of a song, or any words that come from the heart.

Heart sharing
Now the space is just open for people to share anything they might have brought with them, or any thoughts they might have on the Inner Beauty theme. Maybe they have a poem or a story they want to share. It could be an example of the Inner Beauty Quality in action. Most importantly, if anyone has something they want to share about something they’ve been struggling with, this can be a nice time to open the space for the possibility of vulnerability.

Close the circle
After sharing, it’s time to close your circle. A nice way to do this is to get everyone to hold hands, close their eyes, and the person holding the space just gives thanks, thanking the girls for coming, for sharing, for their friendship, and finish by affirming that the group will continue to support each other as much as they can.

Extra touch
A really nice extra touch here is to have a bowl of Rainbow Moonstone tumble stones in the centrepiece, and hand one out to each girl at the end of the ceremony, as a beautiful reminder of the support of their goddesses.

Extracted from The Inner Beauty Bible by Laurey Simmons, £14.99 (Harper Thorsons)

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