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How Reiki Chose Me

I never decided to become a Reiki Master and truth be told, I never chose Reiki. It’s an activity that chose me and like a kitten that gently dug it’s claws in, I’ve been unable (and unwilling) to shake it off.

When I trace my life back to where it all started, I can pin it to a chance meeting with a Mayan shaman in Mexico in 2001. Through a bizarre chain of events, I ended up studying with him whilst travelling in the Yucatan in my mid-twenties. This experience was the catalyst that led me to the healing arts.

A year later I was experiencing, what felt like, the worst grief of my life (first heartbreak anyone!) and was finding it hard to cope. A friend gave me the card of an acupuncturist and in my desperation for relief from the pain, I went to her. She was also a Reiki Master and invited me to a course, in my teary daze I agreed…. and the rest is my healing history.

Rei-ki is a Japanese word that means universal energy. It was devised by a Buddhist monk, Dr Usui, in the 1920’s, with its roots in ancient Vedic and Buddhist healing techniques. The method involves channeling energy from the universe, to restore our body’s natural energy flow.  Once opened up to the energy stream, you can heal anything or anyone. It’s really quite amazing.

Once on the healing path, Reiki has this uncanny ability to adjust your trajectory to help you be your best self. For me it was more like being hurtled off a cliff.  The training course threw me into, what felt like, a parallel reality and it took me years to fully acclimatize. (Readers, if you want to learn reiki, I recommend you do the first 2 levels separately, to avoid the major existential meltdown that I experienced in the days following my first attunements.)  However, be it quick or slow and whether you like it or not, move you it does; you will find yourself improving at life.

Fast forward to now and I’m devoted to teaching this amazing life skill to others. People ask me, do I have to have the “gift” to learn? The answer is no. Healing is our god given birthright and everyone can do it.  Not once in my teaching, or in the trainings and workshops I have attended over the years, did I ever meet a person who could not. In fact, we are able to heal even without learning reiki; it works through intention. For e.g. When your mother laid her hands on you when you were sick, did you not feel better?

However, the lineage from master teacher to student is important in keeping the original energy and ethics in the practice.  My lineage runs directly back to the founder Dr Usui, and so it goes on to my students. The course and training amplifies any natural healing ability you have, and gives a framework and support system with which you can rely on. It opens you up and unlocks your connection to the universe and everything in it. For life.  If nothing else, it is excellent value!

Exercise to feel your own energy
Shake your hands vigorously and wildly for a minute. Then stop and draw your attention to how they feel afterwards. You will feel a buzzing sensation in your fingertips and this is the beginning of your energy flow.

With truth, Sushma

Sushma Sagar is a Reiki Master Teacher and the founder of London based healing practice The Calmery.  As a former global fashion brand director, she successfully juggled a healing life and a corporate life for many years and used reiki as an antidote to workplace stress. She believes passionately in the transformative power of energy healing and is now on a mission to demystify reiki and encourage everyone to learn. Learn more about her work, and upcoming courses, at 

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