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Pitta Living

If you work on regular tight deadlines, and in a high-stress, cut-throat, typically ‘corporate’ environment, you will encounter Pitta energy a lot – it can be aggressive, angry, hot-headed and overwhelming. Our Pitta dosha also increases in summer, when the weather is both hot and humid, as Pitta is made up of the Fire and Water elements.

On a physical level, the following things imbalance the Pitta dosha:
Eating foods that raise Pitta – primarily salty, pungent (spicy) and sour foods, which include chilli, pepper, garlic, onions and nightshades (aubergine, potatoes, tomatoes), red meat, shellfish, fermented and vinegary foods
Not eating regularly, and allowing yourself to get very hungry
Not drinking enough pure room temp water
Subsisting mainly on coffee and cigarettes
Drinking too much alcohol
Workaholic behaviour – not taking a proper break
Being ‘hooked in’ to a computer, phone, gadget for too many hours a day
Undertaking competitive sports of activities in your own time (you need to do non-competitite mindful and meditative activities to balance Pitta e.g. Yoga Nidra)
Over-heating or working in an environment where you rarely cool down (hot yoga, too, is not good for you)
Being enclosed and not getting the chance to get outside often enough
Hormonal upset (Pitta is most prone to this – try Shatavari Root (via Pukka Herbs) to balance hormones)
Spending too much time in the ‘big smoke’ – Pitta needs clean, fresh air to be balanced

On a mental and spiritual level, the following things imbalance the Pitta dosha:
Feeling trapped by work or responsibilities (particularly being ‘on deadline’ all the time)
Feeling perfectionism and finding fault in all around you, even when they/it is good
Allowing jealousy to rage and fester, even when unfounded
Feeling sexually unfulfilled (Pitta types tend to have big sexual appetites)
Allowing anger and aggression to take over
Feeling as though you’ve become impatient and intolerant
Feeling dispassionate and as though you’re not really sure where your life is headed
Disliking yourself and wishing you could be ‘better’

To help balance the Pitta dosha, you need to do things that fight your naturally ambitious and fiery persona. You need to learn to LET GO, relax, laugh, be silly, play and find light-hearted ease in every day. To help you get there, try to do the following:

Stay cool, by avoiding hot foods, environments and stressful/pressurised environments
Eat more cooling fresh fruits and vegetables, namely coriander, lime, coconut (in all forms), greens (kale, cabbage, asparagus, artichoke are all great), and Sweet, Bitter and Astringent tastes
Stay well hydrated and eat regular meals
Try to spend time near water, or bathe regularly. Pitta thrives when submerged in water.
Avoid fried foods, salty and spicy dishes
Avoid coffee – it makes you more aggressive
Look for the good in those around you, and trust your self, and decisions, to others – learn to delegate, and appreciate, the strengths in those you thought were ‘weak’