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Vata Living

It is increasingly common for people to experience an imbalanced Vata dosha, as many incidental aspects of modern life can cause this dosha to be raised, and rage. Cast your eyes over the lists below, and if the following behaviours, feelings, situations and circumstances ring true, it’s very possible that your Vata dosha is raised as a result.

On a physical level, Vata is imbalanced by the following:
Always rushing
Eating quickly, on the go, or forgetting to eat/drink well
Eating cold or raw food, or iced or cold drinks
Working in an air-conditioned environment
Working in a very loud, urbanised or polluted environment
Not sleeping well
Not having enough affirmative loving tactile contact with those you love
A lot of long-haul travel
Exercising too much, particularly high-energy or impact sports
Living in a place where the climate changes dramatically or is very unreliable

On a psychological and spiritual level, Vata is imbalanced by the following:
Worry or fear, particularly when related to life changes
Always rushing, feeling anxious, and taking little time to oneself
Feeling pressurised and overwhelmed by important responsibilities
Any level of change, even positive or welcome ones
Feeling isolated, alone and misunderstood
Feeling as though their key relationships are in fact superficial and selfish
Not having a solid, sensible routine for sleep, meals, and time to oneself
Feeling as though they are not good enough
Feeling trapped and unable to express oneself
Feeling as though they’re no longer connected to their inner self

To help balance Vata, simple changes are required – Vata, of all the doshas, thrives when their life is simpler, pared down, easier. Their instinct is always to rush and pack things in and keep themselves busy – so, by doing the converse, and forcing yourself to switch off, rest, recuperate, you will really help to balance your dosha.

Try to be in bed, regularly, before 11pm.
In winter, aim to be in bed before 10pm.
Always ward off the cold weather with warm layers of silk, cotton and wool – natural fibres, that let your body breathe, but keep the warmth within your bones and joints.
Eat warming, lightly spiced food that nourishes and satiates – your body needs ‘oiling’ as it tends to be dry, so use ghee, butter, olive and coconut oils generously, and avoid raw food as much as possible. Eat Sweet, Sour and Salty flavours.
Schedule still, peaceful, alone time, every day. It is not a luxury, but a necessity.
Never consume cold food or drink.
Your body and mind need calming, so avoid caffeine and nicotine.
Add warm oil baths and massage to your weekly routine.