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Meal Meditation

How we eat can be as important as what we eat. Engaging consciously with our food, preparing and eating mindfully can be a powerful aid to our digestion and to our relationship with that which supports us. This begins in the growing, sourcing or the choosing of local and seasonal ingredients. Our thought, intention and even the idea of the meal we will make begins the process of digestion.

  1. As we prepare ingredients; chop, season and spice, our bodies prepare to assimilate and absorb; we begin to salivate, digestive enzymes are stirred as we stir the pot. A good argument for dedicated home cooking, and with it the understanding that a ready-meal may catch us unawares. And when we sit to our meals; this simplest meditation which we practice once a day. Over time this will bolster our relationship with our food and grow our consciousness. It will subtly and surprisingly change our approach to eating and the nourishment we enjoy.
  1. Sit to your meal. Stop yourself from doing anything else. Leave everything aside and away for this short time.
  2. Close your eyes for a moment. Encourage a feeling of gratitude towards nature for the nourishment provided.
  3. Take in the scent of your food.
  4. Taste your food. Chew slowly and well. Consider the taste and it’s layers.
  5. Consider the origin of each ingredient; each step of it’s journey.
  6. Consider the preparation of each ingredient.
  7. Invite stillness while you eat. Breathe, taste and chew with awareness. Allow yourself to remain still for a minute after you have finished. Be aware of any changes you feel since you began your meal. Any quiet or lone mealtime is perfect to practice this meditation. Lunchtime is ideal, where we are bracketed by the dynamics of our day and our agni, our digestive fire, is optimal. Food is not merely food or the sum of it’s parts. It works with us and meeting it halfway can be revelatory.
  1. With warmth, Paul

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