Plan B|Kat Farrants

In our regular feature, we interview leading men and women who’ve left their unsatisfactory Plan A’s behind in a bid to create fulfilment, peace of mind and joyousness in their everyday lives. With our Plan B, the B means Balance.

This week we interview Kat Farrants, the founder of Movement for Modern Life, a fantastic and richly populated ‘online yoga studio’, where one can select style, length and teacher, and then stream their chosen guided class into the comfort of their own home. A godsend to all those who dream of rolling out that mat on a daily basis, but get regularly scuppered by ‘life’, our founder believes that the hardest part is beginning (I had my yoga mat set up at the foot of her bed for two months – where my children used it as a ‘stage’ to perform their dance routines ) Here’s how Kat went from city lawyer to yogi…

What was your Plan A?
I was a lawyer in the city for way too long! I’ve also been a full-time yoga teacher and also a dog trainer. I’m not sure being a lawyer was a plan, if it was, it was an extremely bad one! It was more something I stumbled into and forgot to stumble out of for too long.

What is your Plan B?
I have Founded Movement for Modern Life. A website which makes movement and yoga videos with the top teachers from London and across the globe really accessible and easy. After all, who can’t spare 10 minutes a day for conscious movement which has the capacity to change how you feel for the rest of the day?!

What unfulfilled dream have you recently fulfilled?
I now am surrounded by a team of the most awesome people I could ever have imagined. It is an absolute dream come true to be surrounded and work with these total rock-stars! After working with city lawyers, I am so very grateful and happy to be surrounded by people who truly inspire me each day.

In an ideal world, how do you begin & end each day?
With a moment’s gratitude for my health and very happy life, a great big luxurious stretch and cuddles from my dogs.

In the real world, how do you begin & end each day?
Often as above. Lucky me!!

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude

What does contentment equate to, for you?
Being well and healthy enough to remain constantly intrigued and curious by life and always ready for the next adventure.

What do you love the most?
My dogs. And the natural world – our beautiful, blue planet with it’s diverse wildlife, plant life and landscapes.

Where in the world do you feel most at peace?
In a secluded woodland which nobody ever goes to, which has a wonderful stream in it. I get so much energy  from being somewhere without people in it and so full of natural beauty.

What is your favourite season, and why?
Springtime – I love the energy and the optimism of spring and I love bluebells.

What is your favourite novel?
Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.

What are your failsafe mood-boosting songs?
Nina Simone’s Feeling Good. I love it’s languid lyrics. For me it’s so spot on, we are very naturally meant to feel good in life. And it reminds me that usually, feeling bad is just a choice. And a bad one at that. And The Killers’ Mr Brightside never fails to get me moving, which always improves my mood.

Share the last thing that made you laugh out loud
Just giggling and cracking jokes with Erin and Charlotte, my co-workers this afternoon, who always manage to put me right back in my place, where I belong and make me howl with laughter.  They both crack me up, tell me when my ideas are just awful, come up with better ones and call me on my shit, which is why I love working with them so much.