The Plan B|Rooted London

You’ve heard the one about the person who was deeply unhappy because they didn’t get what they wanted. Then they did, and realised, it wasn’t what they needed at all.


This week we interview Pandora Symes, the founder of ROOTED LONDON, a food delivery, event and catering business.


What was your Plan A?
I was (and still am here and there) a PR for health and wellbeing clients. I went freelance two years ago to get a better work/life balance, but with the extra time, I started thinking about other career choices too. While studying to qualify as a nutritionist, seeds were sown.

What is your Plan B?
ROOTED LONDON, which is my new food delivery, event and catering business. The mantra is Listen to Your Body and Feed your Soul. The philosophy, which we’re very strict about, is real food, sustainably sourced and rooted in nature. I really believe that food shouldn’t be confusing – it should be simple, tasty and always arrive in its purest form. ROOTED creates nutrient-rich, seasonal meals, so delicious that you forget that the basic premise is healthy food – a lifestyle, not a fad, no dieting, guilt or deprivation (Ed’s note: something that’s at the very core of the Balance Plan too – we love a bit of friendly synergy). The menu is a mixture of nut mylks, raw treats, breakfast pots, smoothies, granola’s, homemade nut butters and lunch and hot-pots to heat at home. ROOTED also caters for private and corporate events, private households and businesses and also offers a personal supper-club service where they come to you to host a feast of a night for you and your guests.

It felt right so I trusted my gut and rolled with it. Once you have a clear idea of what your brand ethos is, it isn’t hard to get thing going. It just takes time and a lot of get-up-and-go. I couldn’t be happier!

What unfulfilled dream have you recently fulfilled?
I suppose ROOTED is my unfulfilled now-fulfilled dream. I feel that launching the business is right in my gut and I feel very connected to the universe. I’m not where the journey will take me but I’m enjoying the magic carpet ride!


In an ideal world, how do you begin & end each day?
Waking without an alarm, doing some breath work and then an hour’s yoga practice, followed by a some sort of smoothie concoction (I like to make them up on the day!), reading the papers and checking the mornings emails – that is a perfect morning. In the evening, I love to cook, dine with friends at home and drink some red wine, followed by a long warm soak in the tub.

In the real world, how do you begin & end each day?
It varies so much given my tasks for that day. Sometimes I have to do the deliveries, other times I’ll have an early morning meeting. Evenings can often be in the kitchen making up deliveries for the next day, or prepping for an event. That said, I still love it. Being in the kitchen, working the ROOTED magic and listening to music really is my favourite place.

What one thought or saying helps you most?
Trust the timing of your life – everything happens for a reason! And expect nothing and appreciate everything. I practice mindfulness and live in the moment at much as possible. Running a business this can be difficult as naturally you have to think ahead… but I trust that whatever is happening is happening for a reason; that keeps me in good spirits.

ROOTED LONDON cacao raw balls

What does contentment equate to, for you?
Feeling well, both in my mind and body – strong, calm and centered.

Where in the world do you feel most at peace?
On a beach, always on a beach! Ironically I am actually scared of the ocean and not a naturally good swimmer but hearing the sound of the waves has the most calming effect on me. I’m a summer baby, born in July and to feel the sunshine on my naked skin brings me endless joy.

What is your failsafe mood-boosting song?
Inspector Norse by Todd Terje is my fail-safe mood booster. I always think if my brain were a song, this would be the sound it would make. I love dance music; techno, acid house, electronica…you name it, I love it!

Share the last thing that made you laugh out loud
A website that has pictures of cats that look like they are taking selfies. This a) shows I am a 30 years old with the mind of a small child but at least b) that I am young at heart! I don’t take life too seriously…and I love cats.